Graphing Points Rise Over Run Slope Rate of Change Maze Worksheet

Feb 22, 2015

My students absolutely love maze worksheets. Maze worksheets are a fun alternative to traditional worksheets while still targeting the essential skills.

This is a 3-page PDF (1 page is the cover/directions, 1 page is the student’s copy and 1 page is the answer key) that involves plotting sets of points and then determining the Rise over Run/ Slope/ Rate of Change from the graphed points.  The objective is to correctly graph the sets of points then determine the slope of the graph. Once the student has determined the slope, they move to the next graph and eventually to the finish box.

The problems that are NOT part of the path to the finish box are surrounded by incorrect answers. This way, if the student has “gotten off the path”, they will know because the answers to the non-path problems are nowhere close to the correct answers. When the student discovers that they have gone the wrong way, they must go back and try another graph to get back on the path.

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