Differentiated Elapsed Time Review Practice Task Cards CCSS

Sep 14, 2014

This is a PDF file that contains 26 task cards pertaining to Elapsed Time, as well as a student’s answer sheets and the answer key.

Each TaskCard contains a clock which displays a specific time and an elapsed time question.

Below is an example of (2) of the questions presented on the task cards

(The clock picture shows 6:35)
What time will it be in 8 hours and 40 minutes?

(The clock picture shows 4:45)
What time was it 6 hours and 35 minutes ago?

The file includes two different versions of the student response sheet. Students that need the visual aid, can draw hands on a blank clock to display their answers or students that are more advanced can write the time on an answer sheet (no clocks).

I look forward to your feedback.

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