Math Resources are Everywhere

Apr 12, 2014


Over 1,500 video lessons covering Middle Grades Math through Algebra 2

Real-world lessons challenging students to think critically about the world.

Videos of inventive problem-solving tasks

Stellar smorgasbord of space and technology materials

Real-world examples illustrate complex math concepts

Make any video your lesson

Pinterest for Education

Create and share collections of engaging Courses

Explore over 25,000 Lessons 

Great Teaching, Inspiring Classrooms 

Common Core Learning Progressions 

Ted Education You Tube Channel 

Ted X You Tube Channel 

PDF to Word with OCR

Harlem Data Lab Center 

Physion - Physics Simulation Software

Math manipulatives for the Chromebook 

Standards Based Math activities

Scale of the Universe 

STEM Education Coalition 

Record your presentation.

Large-scale question and answer service

Create your online newspaper

Quora - Your Best Source for Knowledge

Google Public Data

Calcoolate - Online Calculator

Tree of Life Web project

Learnist - Science

Explain Like I'm 5 years old

Sci Show Channel

Crash Course Channel

Minute Physics Channel

Simple animation to explain complex principles

Information is beautiful 

The Open University Channel 

Six Famous Thought Experiments, Animated in 60 Seconds Each

Mosa mack Science Detectives - Pilot Episode 

MAKE | DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks.

Free interactive math site Grades 1-6

Education Math Sites Grades 1-6

Free and Paid education games for K-2

Math Problem Solver

Teacher Tackle Box

Lesson Plans linking Math and Science to Engineering and Careers

Google Computational Thinking - Includes classroom-ready lessons and resources that show how educators can incorporate Computational Thinking into the K-12 curriculum.

50 problems in 50 days using design, engineering and imagination.

Math and Science Study Jams

Science Net Links - Science Lessons and Tools for K-12

Teacher Lesson Plans - Teacher's Net Lesson Bank

Middle School Portal   Links to science and math resources on the Internet. 

Astronomy Picture of the Day 

Earth and Moon Viewer

Exploratorium - Explore through science

Strange Matter - Discover the secrets of everyday stuff

My Script Calculator - Turn your handwriting into calculations (Mobile only)

Gynzy apps for tablets 

Grade 3-6 interactive science websites 

Google URL shortener 

Test Prep - Online exam guides 

Turn your iPad into a digital whiteboard

Project Euler - Logic based math problems 

Algebra Cheet Sheet with common errors on pg 2

Geometry Cheet Sheet 

Trig Cheet Sheet

That Quiz - Online math Quizes 

Math TV - Problems done by teachers and students

If This Then That - [ ] - Free - Automate your work

[ ] - Automate your work

[ ]SpeedUpTv - speed up and slow down video on IOS

[ ] - free image editing including cropping and cleaning, works with Dropbox - no sign in and no registration

[ ] - Site for creating

[ ]gradecam-  multiple choice scanner and item analysis for iPad or doc cam / webcam.  Free for up to 10 Qs per test.  Includes printable MC forms.presentations on IOS devices

[ ]Socrative - Give a quiz using smartphones

[ ]Gobstopper- online document annotation and quizzing with video embedding option

[ ]Remind101   - Send 1 way text messages to Students & Parents

[ ]flubaroo - Create and grade a Google Form as a Quiz

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