10 Free Math Resources

May 5, 2013

Check out these Free Math Resources......

1. MasterMath – a free, complete, online Middle School Math curriculum! Video lessons, worksheets, quizzes, exams. Grades 6-8 http://www.ouraussiehomeschool.com/2012/03/calendar-notebook.html

2. Free Daily Calendar Notebook download – download, print, bind. Daily date writing, temperature recording, graphing, and more. Great for Pre-K & Kinder, up into early elementary. http://www.ouraussiehomeschool.com/2012/03/calendar-notebook.html

3. MathABC – Free online math practice for essential skills. (Games make math fun!) Grades 1-6. http://www.mathabc.com/

4. Timez Attack  – a free version AND a paid version. They began with multiplication but also now have Addition, Subtraction and Division!! The free version is perfectly adequate. http://lm.inlinkz.com/go.php?i=201092&c=30376

5. Free Math Program – Click on the grade level and progress through the different lessons, do it together on the screen or print the worksheet (pdf.) Grades 1-5http://www.freemathprogram.com/members1/index.htm

6. Math911 (Algebra)- Free downloadable modules, in the left sidebar, scroll down to find them. http://www.math911.com/

7. Dads Worksheets – over 7,000 worksheets neatly organized by topic. Grades: Beginning math through pre-algebra and geometryhttp://www.dadsworksheets.com/

8. Math Tv – Very cool site with tutorial videos for a variety of concepts. The videos are free, they also offer (paid) online and print textbooks (and they have videos for all of the questions in every one!) http://www.mathtv.com/videos_by_topic

9. Khan Academy – They offer a large variety of video tutorials. Select a category under “Browse our library” and narrow down the topics to find the concept you need demonstrated. Or, click on “Practice your math skills” to use their free exercises. OR, sign up for a free account and have your child work through the free exercises. http://www.khanacademy.org/

10. Math Games at Sheppard’s Software – Fun games for extra practice on everything from early math to algebra and geometry. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm

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