The Ultimate Teacher Planner & Lesson Plan Book

Apr 20, 2014

The book is a PDF with 9 pages that are “form fillable”. The book is designed to help teachers organize everything for 1 month. This can be used over and over, year after year. It’s as simple as saving each month as a separate file.

The cover is fully customizable. There is space for various titles like school name, teacher name, class or course name, school year and so much more.

Page 2 is the “To Do Planner Page”. The calendar on the page has a space for the month name and each date is typed in. The To Do list, Emails & Calls list and Meetings list all have check boxes activated. The notes section is a space for extra information for the month

Page 4 is the Grade book Page.  The grade book page is formatted with form fields for student names, a larger box in the left corner is for details to be entered about the grade book page (i.e. course, teacher, etc.) and with drop down dates to choose the numbers 1 -31 and the space for lesson title is formatted to type sideways to fit in the space.

Page 5, 7 & 9 are the Lesson Plan Pages.  The daily planning sections are fillable and the dates are formatted to print sideways. The file contains 3 of this page.

Page 6 & 8 are the Lesson Plan Pages.  The daily planning sections are fillable and the dates are formatted to print sideways. The file contains 2 of this page.



Free-----Contacts Organizer, Address Book ----FREE

Apr 19, 2014

Contacts and Address Book

FREE Item compliments of
The Math Magazine on TpT

This is a 145 page "add text" PDF that has room for 576 contacts.

A title can be added to the spiral notebook themed cover.


Distance Formula Graphic Organizer Work Paper Flow Chart

This is a single page PDF file that shows the steps needed to solve problems involving the Distance Formula.

I use this instead of notebook paper when I introduce the Distance Formula. Using this work paper helps my students (especially the ones that struggle with remember procedures and steps) remember what to do next. Additionally, I project one on the white so that I can model the correct steps using the paper as I introduce the skill.

My students love it and I am sure your students will love it too!

Follow Me on TpT as I will be posting more of my skills work papers soon!


Graphing Systems of Equations Worksheet with key CED.A.3, REI.C.6

Apr 13, 2014


This is an (8) page PDF worksheet (4 pages for the worksheet and 4 pages for the answer key).
The worksheet contains (12) problems with a coordinate graph and workspace for each problem. The answer key is included.


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