Free Coordinate Graphing Pictures

Nov 5, 2014

Do your students struggle with graphing? Mine sure do! Over the years I have found that teaching my students to graph ordered pairs on a coordinate plane is more difficult than one may think. While trying to teach this important skill I have found that using "boring" worksheets that simply plot ordered pairs randomly all over a graph is not exactly an exciting method to use when trying to motivate the kiddos. On the other hand, using "mystery pictures" seems to hold their attention and sparks their interest because they want to know what the graph is going to be when they are finished. I have found a great site that is full of FREE (we love free!) coordinate graphing pictures. The best part is that many of the pictures are holiday themes, which is great for filler activities and even extra credit. I like to use the finished products as holiday decorations for my classroom.

Check out Cartesian Cartoons for a variety of graphing worksheets in PDF format (save 'em!). You will have to use your own coordinate plane but a quick Google search (i.e. coordinate graph generator, etc.) will point you in the right direction so you can print graphs for free too!

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