Piecewise Functions Foldable Interactive Notebook Graphic Organizer F-IF.7b

Jan 16, 2014

This is a single page PDF document that displays the basic concepts of Piecewise Functions (i.e. Domain, Range, Graph).

The file contains the folding directions.

A Free BONUS Item is included as my way of thanking you for your interest in my items.


Writing Linear Equations Foldable Interactive Notebook A-CED.1, A-CED.2, A-REI.3

Jan 11, 2014

A-CED.1, A-CED.2, A-REI.3

This file contains (2) single page PDF documents that explains the process of writing linear equations when given certain information:  points, a graph or points and slope.

The file includes (2) different forms of the same document: (1) is partially completed with room for students to complete an example and (1) is already completed with an example for those students that struggle to understand concepts and/or need extra help.

The document can be used as a foldable for an Interactive Notebook, a graphic organizer or a study guide/reference chart.


Parent Function Transformations Foldable Graphic Organizer Interactive Notebook F-IF.4 F-BF.3

Jan 4, 2014

This is a single page PDF document that can be used as a reference when learning about Transformations of Parent Functions:Translations, Reflections and Dilations. The foldable explains the Transformation and the Change in the Parent Graph.
The document can be used as an Interactive Notebook Foldable, a graphic organizer or a study guide. 

Download the preview to review the contents.
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