Writing Linear Equations in Slope Intercept Form from Graphs (A-CED.1, A-CED.2, F-IF.4, F-IF.6, F-IF.7)

Nov 25, 2013

(A-CED.1, A-CED.2, F-IF.4, F-IF.6, F-IF.7)
This is a great Common Core Aligned Assessment  that assesses a student’s ability to Write Linear Equations in Slope Intercept Form when given a graph only.

The assignment contains (8) Problems.

The Answer Key is included.

The directions on the assignment reads as follows:
Directions: Identify the Slope (m), the Y-Intercept (b) and then write an equation for the graph in Slope Intercept Form (y=mx + b).

Download the Free Preview for further details


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